Starting as alocalinsuance company in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 1996, Segureİnsurance Ltd.,broght a new dimension to the insurance sector in North Cypruswith its  long-yeared experience, qualityand superrior service.

Segure Insurance Ltd.’smain purpose is to open the way in the sector, enlarge the market share and toincrease the region’s sector power on the international platform.

Segure İnsurance Ltd.serves in the brances of vehicle insurance, fire, transport, accident,engineering,

Segure Insurance Ltd.,which has a fast, reliable and active growth,without making concession on its trust aims at rising insurance quality to theuniversal standarts that appriciates universal values, Segure Isurance Ltd.service power with its agencies in every district of Turkish  Republic of Northern Cyprus.


To be the best in every field that we are giving service

Our understanding of the best is being:

. Preferred by insuredones and enabled customer satisfaction

. Sensitive to its enciron and respectful to the rules

. A company shown reference

 Basic principles to reach these objectives are:

. To offer competitive products when evaluated together with customer service quality

. To be fast at pre-sale sercices (Risk Management) and after sale sevices (Damage Palment)

. To be always attainable

. To use the latest tecnology and thus to be a reliable company

. Our vision that we are carrying the risks of life on for our customers